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You guys are amazing at math and thanks again for doing my math online class for me! Without you I wouldn't be able to work on sunday!
Shannon~ California

I need help with math homework and statistics so I looked for statistics for dummies the book and found this great website. There team helped me get a A in my math class thank you!

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Is your math or statistics class causing you more stress and confusing you more than all your other classes combined? Are you short on time, out of patience, and desperately in need of a good grade for your math or statistics class for your program? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then look no further than StatisticsforDummies.com!

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For classes, we cover all areas including online discussions, assignments, tests and quizzes, and any other class requirements. StatisticsforDummies.com math and statistics professionals can handle any type of math or statistics at any level, from pre-calculus and below in high school, to engineering math classes and above, in graduate school. StatisticsforDummies can provide both statistics help and math help for any question or any problem you may have within the classroom; and we are able to accomplish this more quickly than any of our competitors!

Students compose the vast majority of our customers and we know that life on a student budget can be tough. As such, our prices are very affordable. This means that you can get the help you need without having to choose between getting good grades in your class and buying groceries!

Simply send us (via email) your syllabus, class login details, and a few sentences explaining what you would like for us to do on your behalf, then relax and let us take care of the rest. We will respond with a quotation within an hour of receiving your details, or alternatively, you may elect to pre-pay for your class and check-out through our website. We offer speedy support to help you with any emergent circumstances—that last exam you need done just before the deadline!

Below is an example of the sort of work StatisticsforDummies.com can do for you. When we provide you with statistics help, we not only give numerical answers to problems and questions, but can also furnish detailed explanations as required by many tests and assignments to show understanding of concepts. Please note, the example below does not represent our extensive collection of math and statistics-related services; we offer it only as a sample to whet your appetite!

QUESTION:   An experiment was conducted to ascertain which of two bacteria, X or Y, would grow best using lactose as a substrate. Four cultures each of Bacterium X and Bacterium Y were grown and produced the biomass results (in milligrams) shown in the table below. Which bacterium, X or Y, had a higher mean biomass when grown using lactose as the substrate, and was the difference significant?



Bacterium X

Bacterium Y

Flask A



Flask B



Flask C



Flask D




In order to compare the means for X and Y, we will use Student’s t-test. Essentially, the t-test compares the difference between the two means to the overall variation in the data—the standard deviation of the difference between the means. To compute the necessary t statistic, we must first find the means for X and Y, the variance for X and for Y (and by extension overall variance), and the mean difference between X and Y. We then look up this t value in a table for the t-distribution with 6 degrees of freedom (nx + ny – 2) and two-tails,  giving the probability P that the mean difference between X and Y is due to chance. The calculations are shown below.

Bacterium X

Bacterium Y




First we calculate the sum of the values
for X and Y




n is simply the number of samples for
each condition;
in this case the number of flasks of
each bacterium



Next, we calculate the mean biomass
for X and for Y




Σx2 signifies the sum of the values
squared for X and
Y respectively




x)2 signifies the totals for X and Y
(respectively) squared.







Σd2= Σx2-(Σx)2/n , where Σd2 is the
sum of the differences
between X and Y values (respectively)




σ2 = Σd2/(n-1) , where σ2 is the variance
of X and Y



σd2 = σx2/nx + σy2/ny , where σd2 is
the variance of the
difference between the mean for X
and that for Y





t = (x̄x - x̄y)/σd




From the calculations above, the probability that we would observe the mean difference found between X and Y purely by chance is 0.001436%. That value is lower than the conventional 5% and 1% thresholds for significant and highly significant data respectively. Thus, we can confidently claim that Bacterium X grew better than Bacterium Y using lactose as a substrate!

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