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You guys are amazing at math and thanks again for doing my math online class for me! Without you I wouldn't be able to work on sunday!
Shannon~ California

I need help with math homework and statistics so I looked for statistics for dummies the book and found this great website. There team helped me get a A in my math class thank you!

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We offer math and statistics help in a wide variety of areas spanning the gamut from calculus, algebra and trigonometry to complex and real analysis. As such, our services are suited to students at any level of study from K-12 all the way up to graduate school. We have a dedicated team of professionals trained and based in the U.S. who are able to provide you with the math and statistics help you need to succeed. No problem is too great or too small; so long as it involves math or statistics, we can do it!

Customer Serivce : 1888-45-ESSAY
Or Text 408-673-7729 (408-67-essay) <

Email For Quotes Or Questions : CustomerSupport@statisticsfordummies.com

In terms of service delivery, we can take your math online class for you and provide answers to questions from math homework assignments, tests and quizzes, and any general math-related question you submit to us. For classes, we cover everything—discussion posts, papers, projects, assignments, tests and quizzes and anything else your syllabus requires. Simply tell us what you would like done, and we will do it—from a little math or statistics help with your weekly assignments all the way to submitting all the work for your class and providing you with a top grade!

To ensure only the highest levels of quality in our service provision, we employ only U.S.-trained math experts based here in the U.S. Many of our competitors outsource your work to employees in other countries for cost reasons, resulting in many quality issues such as sub-standard English in submitted work and misunderstandings over expectations in American classes. Since we believe in providing you the best math and statistics help in town, we pay more for highly qualified U.S. experts and maintain our profitability through volume. That we have sufficient volume to make this arrangement viable is a testament to the quality of our work—many of our orders are from repeat/regular customers!

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for you to take my online class?
You can split the payment with half due upfront and the remainder due at the mid point of the class. Alternatively, you may elect to pre-pay in full for your online class. In either case, we will issue you with invoices and receipts reflecting the chosen arrangement.

Can I speak to the math expert who’s doing my work?
Absolutely! We can set up 3-way conference calls with you (the customer), the manager in charge of your order, and the expert assigned to your order.

Is your service confidential?
Yes, our service is 100% confidential. We do not share your information with anyone!

How does this all work?
Simply send us your math online class or assignment details via email, or call us and provide your details by phone. If neither email nor phone is convenient, you can send us your details by filling out and submitting an order through our website. If you are unsure about anything, please feel free to give us a call and we will help get you situated. For orders submitted via email we will get back to you within the hour with a quote; from there you can check-out through our web site or alternatively, one of our customer service representatives can handle the check-out process for you over the phone.  As every class is different, please allow us 10-20 min to look over your course information so that we can provide you with a quote.

Will my work be done by foreigners overseas?
No! All your work is handled in-house by staff who are 100% American, based here in the U.S. and available to help you

Do you guarantee an A for my class?
Most definitely! Why should you pay top dollar for anything less? As such, we will provide a full refund if we get anything less than an A for your class.

Seriously, just how good are your “experts”?
At a minimum, all our math experts have a four year Bachelor’s degree. We also have professionals with Master’s degrees and PhDs ready to handle anything you can throw at them! Whereas our competitors may be staffed with under-qualified employees solely motivated by their paychecks, our experts all LOVE math and relish the opportunity to serve you while doing work they enjoy. Our elite team of experts are here for you always

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