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You guys are amazing at math and thanks again for doing my math online class for me! Without you I wouldn't be able to work on sunday!
Shannon~ California

I need help with math homework and statistics so I looked for statistics for dummies the book and found this great website. There team helped me get a A in my math class thank you!

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The privacy of Statistics For Dummies' visitors and customers is of the utmost concern of this website. It is in the best interest of Statistics For Dummies and their visitors and customers that the privacy of those visitors and customers is secure and the information of those visitors and customers is kept in the strictest of confidence. Statistics For Dummies does not store or hold information of the card holder or personal client information, including credit card numbers or any information concerning the customer's credit card. Statistics For Dummies assures the customer this website will not share or provide any information concerning the customer to any third party or any other organization. Statistics For Dummies will not retrieve any information of the card holder or customer except that which is necessary for the purchase of the documents or services. This policy is especially in effect for the privacy of any individual who is under 18 years of age, who does not have permission to use this website. Users, while on the Statistics For Dummies website only, have access to this privacy policy.

Policies on Collection of Information:

  • During a visit to the Statistics For Dummies website, the user or visitor is never requested any personal information which may be against the visitor or user's wishes. Information about the user or visitor such as: phone numbers, email addresses, or other information is not retrieved without the direct permission of the user.
  • Statistics For Dummies will compile records on how the user and the visitor find our website, showing their specific use of this website. Any input or opinions raised by the user or visitor will only be used upon the permission of the user or visitor. Any statistics from the use of our site will never contain personal information on the user or visitor. Statistics For Dummies do not keep card holder's information on file and will not use such information without the direct permission of the user or customer.
  • No personal information will be shared with a third party or organization. Any personal information extracted from the user's consented information will be used only to analyze and improve the website. The only instance where the personal information of our website users to be shared would be in the instance of legal, governmental or judicial official requests. If any of such instances should arise Statistics For Dummies will immediately report such activity to the user or customer.
  • No opinions, ideas, services, disclosed information or undisclosed information concerning the user will ever be shared with any third party or any other organization. All information and services provided to the user will be kept completely confidential by Statistics For Dummies.
  • As a policy of Statistics For Dummies, no individual under 18 years of age will have the consent of Statistics For Dummies to use their website. If there is an instance of an individual under 18 years of age who has used the site, no information concerning that individual will be shared with any third party or organization.

Other Websites:

            There may be instances where the user may be directed to other websites while on the Statistics For Dummies website. If such instances occur and the visitor clicks on that website, the user must be aware that the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of Statistics For Dummies are not in force while on those other websites. The user must review the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of those websites, so that the user can ascertain the way in which their information will be used within that website.

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